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Fellow WMWM deejay Scott Gorke made this cute promo for my last Radioculars at WMWM Salem. Not gonna lie, when the Navajo Bixby kicks in, I got a little misty.

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This tumblr thing isn’t really working out. (it’s not you, it’s me)

I’ve begun experimenting with Pinterest. It’s still rough around the edges (for example you can see how I’d like to decorate my new apartment if you want) but I think it’s going to be a cool way to not only hear the music, but see the great art that goes along with it.

Anyway, check it:


Radioculars Top 25 of 2011

Determined in the least scientific manner possible, which includes counting spins, listener requests/feedback, influence on other WM deejays, and pure personal preference, here are my top jams of 2011:

25.  Mount Eerie – Distorted Cymbals
24.  Casey Burge – Three Flavors
23.  The Mantles – Raspberry Thighs
22.  Purity Ring – Ungirthed
21.  Man the Hunter – Less for You
20.  Battles (ft. Matias Aguayo) – Ice Cream
19.  Way Yes – Important
18.  Sean Nicholas Savage – Natural Rhythm
17.  The Twerps – She Didn’t Know
16.  Holy Ghost! – Some Children
15.  The Coasts – Handshakers
14.  New Animal – When They Come
13.  Bleached –Think of You
12.  fthrsn – Nothing’s the Matter
11.  Cowabunga Babez – Taco Pizza (Food)
10.  Dirty Beaches – Lord Knows Best
 9.  Nanosaur – Ctrl-alt-delete
 8.  Snowmine – The Hill
 7.  Gold Leaves – The Ornament
 6.  White Fence – Get That Heart
 5.  Friends – Friend Crush
 4.  tUnE-yArDs – Bizness
 3.  Oregon Bike Trails – A Summer Thing
 2.  Yalls – Germs
 1.  Man/Miracle – Low Hanging Fruit

DON’T FORGET: Put 978-410-WMWM (9696) in your phone before you head out for tonight’s festivities and when you’re good and ready, call up and tell us what your resolutions are, or just say hello.

The best resolutions/drunk dials will be played on the 1/6/12 installment of Radioculars on

Happy 2012 everyone!

More audio goodness: an old WMWM ID from 1994.


DJ Creme Filling got me a really thoughtful gift this Xmas- a USB cassette deck so I can convert all of my old recordings to mp3.

Fittingly, the first thing I converted was my WMWM audition tape. Here’s a little clip.

Pretty proud of my 17 year old self for my audition selections: Sebadoh, Swirlies, Built to Spill, New Bomb Turks…


It’s that time of year again!

DIAL 978-410-WMWM (9696) during this weekend’s festivities and tell us what your resolutions are, or just get drunk and say hello.

The best resolutions/drunk dials will be played on the 1/6/12 installment of Radioculars on


PS: Allan didn’t live up to this particular 2011 resolution. Bummer.


#BrandNewMusic #Chillwave #TrillWave Something About Us (Daft Punk Cover) - NanosauR

Radioculars playlist 12/2/11

Chairlift – Met Before
Mount Eerie – Distorted Cymbals
Mirror Kisses – We’ll Keep on Living [VHS]
Mike Bruno & the Black Magic Family Band – In the Shade
Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me

White Fence - Sticky Fruitman has Faith
Digital Leather – The Fortress
Nick Nicely – Hilly Fields 1892
Swiftumz – 4EVA 
Still Corners – Into the Trees

Mikal Cronin – You Gotta Have Someone
2:54 – Got a Hold 
Bleached – Electric Chair
Yalls – Vapid Glitch Vow
Dreampeter – Mason Jar

Tearjerker – Rare
Hunx – Always Forever
Stagnant Pools – Real Lies
Guards – I See it Coming
Shannon and the Clams – Toxic Revenge

Jethro Fox – Before
Silver Dapple – (Pauses)
Fthrsn – Tony Carter
Paula – Even If It’s True
Mirror Lady – Roman Candles 

Young Buffalo – Baby Demons
Chains of Love – In Between
Raw Geronimo – Chinatown Yoda
B and Not B – Sweet Emasculation
Personal and the Pizzas – Bored Out of My Brains

Summer Camp – Down
Tree Hopping – Cricket Day Song
Lil Daggers – Dead Golden Girls
Orca Team – You’ve Got Everything Made
Bleached – Searching Through the Past

New Animal – Still in Mind
POW! – Night Train to Fog Town
Way Yes – Tia
Spectral Park – L’Appel du Vide
Ketamines – Line By Line

Luke Temple – More Than Muscle
Mr. Dream – Knick Knack
For All the Girls – Phylicia


still one of my fav album covers


still one of my fav album covers